Short Film


Noir Spoof
8 mins, black-and-white

In this 1940s noir-spoof, covert meetings, a murdered tenant, a dangerous criminal, and some thoroughly dashing chaps are all unwittingly linked by ‘a real peach’ of a plan.

Originally written as a series of unrelated clips for inclusion in the feature film Do Something, Jake. Screenwriter-producer, Caroline Spence, combined them to form A Real Peach.

“I time travelled back to the 1940s to capture this great little film directed by James Smith.”
Nicky Williams


Political Thriller, Budget: £1,500
WW Box Office: $322,842 (source: Baseline)

With cutting humour and unique style, Keep Up If You Can is a highly charged political thriller that explores the vulnerability of the defence industry. Based on real-life events, the film was shot in the City of London and combines beautiful locations with colourful, fast-paced dialogue.

“An ambitious work, taking on an extremely challenging field”
BBC Drama

“[Keep up if you can] is a good idea… the US sensibility I really see coming through in the tone and potential storylines”
ITV Drama

Selected from 3500 entries for Rutger Hauer’s “I’ve Seen Films” International Internet Contest.