Production: Ultra-low budget feature film shoot
Genre: Female-led conspiracy thriller
When: From 15th February 2019
Where: Loughborough, UK

Excited to announce we’re GREEN-LIT to shoot our latest MOVIE next month in the #Midlands! 🎬 We’re looking for runners/PAs, extras/walk-ons, AND there’s lots of #opportunities for #fashion-related PRODUCT PLACEMENT! 👠 Interested? Contact Us

CASTING CALL: Experienced female #actor for strong supporting role in feature film. Playing Age: 25-35, physically fit & 100% enthusiastic. An ultra-low budget #indiefilm but is paid. Contact Us

CASTING CALL: 🔊 Male #actor, 35-65 yrs, local to #Loughborough #EastMidlands This role is expenses only but a fab opportunity for the right talent to shine! Click here for details on Mandy and then Contact Us

  • Junior lighting technician with general camera dept. experience
  • Extras
  • Walk-ons
  • Locations (Loughborough, UK)
  • Product Placement [especially fashion-related]