Raya Films on Tour

During the coming weeks, we are visiting London and Manchester (UK), Málaga and Almería (Spain), and Cannes (France) to develop, promote, and sell the full-length feature films on our slate

Producers, sales agents, distributors, and investors, please contact us to arrange a meeting and we will be delighted to run through our projects with you.

We look forward to meeting you!

The Team at Raya Films



Latin/Hispanic Male Actor Required

Screenwriter-Producer, Caroline Spence, @cspenceproducer is seeking a professional LATIN/HISPANIC MALE ACTOR for the role of ‘Juan’ in a feature film called The Finca

Role description: “Hispanic. Handsome and charming, with a flashing smile. As an entrepreneur, he is the owner of a property rental business in Andalucía, Spain.”

Type: Feature Film, paid.
Locations: London, Spain.

The actor MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Speak Spanish and accent-free English
  2. Have Spanish/Latin look

Important note: we receive many enquiries from actors, so if you do not meet the above criteria exactly, we are unable to respond.

Interested actors, please contact us

February Features

A brief update for February 2016:

Actors (from left) Ed Bergtold, Tom Loone, and Simon Crudgington on the set of 'Do Something, Jake'

Photo © David Ward. Actors (from left) Ed Bergtold, Tom Loone, and Simon Crudgington on the set of ‘Do Something, Jake’

Post-production on DO SOMETHING, JAKE is progressing nicely and it’s full steam ahead to finish a screener and trailer in time to promote it at Cannes this May.

We are continuing development and casting for our psychological horror, THE FINCA, which we plan to move into production later this year.

Higher up the budgetary scale is GUILTY IN ANDALUCÍA for which we have named talent interest. The screenplay has proved to be very popular with industry professionals on both sides of the Atlantic, and we look to move forward into production in 2017.

We are always willing to hear from other producers interested in collaborating with our projects, especially in terms of international co-production. So, if you are a producer with a track record in feature film, please contact us with an introduction, and do check out the other material on our feature film slate

Let’s make movies!

Happy New Year from Raya Films

2016 is here – let’s make movies!

Thank you to everyone involved in our projects during 2015 – your help, support and enthusiasm has been seriously appreciated!


This year promises to be equally eventful with more exciting feature film projects being produced and developed.

If you are an experienced producer or film-loving investor we want to hear from you! To pique your interest, here are two feature films lined up for development that have been given the thumbs up by industry professionals on both sides of the pond:


“I personally think Contract 34 is a great script… when it is complete, we would like to see it and do a collaboration.” Cinema Management Group, Hollywood

“I really enjoyed the script, your characters are very interesting and the dialogue is punchy and gripping.” Rod Hall Literary Agency, London


“…a really punchy thriller” Bankside Films, London

“I like [Guilty in Andalucía] a lot… we are very interested in the project!” Moviehouse Entertainment, London

See our other films on the Raya Films Slate

Do Something, Jake – Thanks!

The cast and crew and many other kind people of Leicestershire who helped with ‘Do Something, Jake’!

Photographer/documentary-maker, Michael Mafrici and writer-producer, Caroline Spence

Photographer/documentary-maker, Michael Mafrici, and writer-producer, Caroline Spence

In our rush to clear up after the hectic 3-4 week shoot, we did not have time to attend the wrap party and we soon fled the area to carry on with other business.

Apparently, the cast and crew have sent cards with lovely messages to our address. Thank you so much for these, and also for the lovely flowers bought for Caroline – it means a lot that our efforts were appreciated and motivates us further to deliver a great film!

The Team – Raya Films

Film Editor required for ‘Do Something, Jake’

We have just wrapped production of our experimental feature film, ‘Do Something, Jake’. We are now seeking a professional editor with feature film editing experience to do justice to the excellent screenplay, fine acting performances, and dynamic cinematography.

Actor, Ed Bergtold, (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps; When the Night Falls; Some Kind of Justice)

Working closely with writer-director, James Smith, this will be a challenging, highly creative post-production project with potential for festival and mainstream distribution.

For more details see the official IMDb page and contact the team at Raya Films

Games Footage Required for Movie

In November 2015, we are producing a highly innovative community-based feature film set in Leicestershire, England. In certain scenes, the main protagonist is playing a computer game within which there is extensive shooting – firing at various targets, either military or of an alien/science fiction variety (the character will be aiming a gun at a television screen, rather than using a games console).

Do Something, Jake on IMDb

With this in mind, we are looking to connect with a games company or designer who would be interested in providing ‘footage’ from this style of game and rights for us to use it within the film. There is no budget available for this, however, we intend to market the film extensively at film festivals such as Berlin, and Cannes, and go on to secure sales and distribution. The games company or individual developer involved can expect excellent exposure for their product as well as credits and/or branding within the movie.

Contact us for more details.

Auditions: Some cast and crew still required

This week sees more auditions and recalls for our innovative feature film Do Something, Jake to be shot in the Loughborough-Leicestershire area in November 2015. Details of our remaining cast and crew requirements below.



  • 1 male actor 50+ of diminutive stature for a 1-day shoot. Must have clean driving licence
  • 1 male actor 40+ to play The Postman – a character straight out of Fargo. Required for 2-3 days (a few hours each day)


  • Lighting technician
  • Make-up artist
  • Runner

We already have a superb international cast and crew attached to this unique project, the screenplay of which has been penned by pro screenwriter, Caroline Spence

If you are new to auditioning, check out these tips

Loughborough-Leicestershire Feature Film Opportunities

Actors and crew, you really don’t want to miss this opportunity … no really, you don’t! We still have some requirements for our Loughborough/Leicester shoot in November 2015:


  • 1 male actor 50+ of diminutive stature for a 1-day shoot. Must have clean driving licence
  • 1 male actor 40+ to play The Postman – a character straight out of Fargo. Required for 2-3 days (a few hours each day)


  • Make-up artist
  • Lighting technician
  • Stunt co-ordinator (rudimentary fight scene)

This is a chance to work with a cohesive, professional team in some great locations. You’ll need to live in or around the Loughborough area or close enough to travel in daily.


We’re sourcing some great acting talent to make this feature film a stand-out indie project. Although a community-based, no-budget project, the film is being produced to high professional standards targeting international festivals and distribution. This is a highly innovative venture borne of superb writing talent.

Contact Raya Films for more details.

Actors and Film Crew required: Leicester, UK

Outside of our main slate, Raya Films are shooting an experimental – highly innovative – feature film in the Leicester/Loughborough area in November this year.

We are seeking actors and film crew to become involved. This is an opportunity to gain work experience as crew or to hone your acting skills with a professional production team and original screenplay. If you are interested, and available in the Leicester/Loughborough area, contact us for further details.

Thank you to Drama Groups for publicising this casting call.