Six months of Action!

With two feature films nearing completion, we have been liaising with our post-production partners in the UK, Portugal, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Both films – Do Something, Jake and Agent Kelly – are very different in style and story-line, but they do have one thing in common: they were both shot on zero-budget. Our plans for distribution of these films are also very different and are being planned specifically to match the characteristics of each project.

For Do Something, Jake we are holding a big glitzy World Premiere pencilled for September, 2018 at the Odeon cinema in Loughborough (UK) where the film was shot. To achieve this, we kicked off a crowdfunding campaign back in April to raise the necessary funds. What an experience that was! We got off to an excellent start by achieving 50% on day two! We then went on to surpass our target with well over a week left on our campaign. The social media push and effort required was huge, but right up to the end of the campaign, individuals and companies continued to donate. To all our crowdfunding supporters, we are forever grateful and you will never be forgotten!

Following this campaign, we are thrilled to have three Official Sponsors on board for the World Premiere!

BUTTERFLY LIFE is a “networking app for creatives in Art, Culture, Fashion, Film & TV, Food & Drink and Music connecting users based on location, skills and interests a space to create, collaborate, discover, mentor, showcase, or simply follow, be inspired and have fun!”

THE CEDARS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT is perfectly located as a base for anyone from ‘out of town’ attending the World Premiere in Loughborough and to whom accommodation discounts will be available.

ENGLISH SPIRIT is a craft distillery on a mission to fashion the best tasting spirits in the world (at Raya Films, we personally believe they have succeeded in their mission!) You may even catch a glimpse of their delicious Old Salt Rum subtly placed within certain scenes of the film.

Agent Kelly is a very different movie, shot in the UK and Spain, with one crew (director James Smith taking the role of camera operator, cinematographer, audio technician and director!) This film is very much in the realm of ‘experimental’, but is achieving some interesting attention from around the globe. We have some exciting plans for Agent Kelly, so watch this space!

But two films being released in 2018 isn’t enough for us… No Sir! We will soon be launching another crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a ‘smart-horror’ movie called SURVEILLED Casting is underway and cameras are scheduled to roll in November 2018. We have BIG plans for this film, so if you want to be kept in the loop on this production, contact us to sign up to our dedicated newsletter.

Helping us in the promotion of our movie productions is Kelly Carthens of Mizz Kelly’s PR in New York. Kelly is tirelessly enthusiastic and positive, so do follow her on social media because she’s up to lots of great stuff!

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And finally… We have had some fab press recently, including interviews with some of the Do Something, Jake cast on the John and Heidi radio show (USA). Go to the Official Website Press Page to see and hear all the gossip.

There’s so much more to say, but that’s all for now!

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British Films with a Difference

Over the last three years, we have been working on writing and producing a number of truly independent feature films: Do Something, Jake, Agent Kelly, and Surveilled. These are designed as a ‘showcase’ for our other projects (the screenplays are written) for which we require, and are currently seeking, full production budgets. Despite the no-low budget nature of our showcase projects, they have been produced as commercial entities in their own right, since, historically, audiences respond well to fresh, dynamic work. Furthermore, many Hollywood producers pursue filmmakers who have original ideas and the ability to take calculated risks in order to innovate and break new ground.

Do Something, Jake – Design © 2017 Sean Strong

At Raya Films, we will aggressively market these films over the coming months and years to seek new audiences for our work, and new international business partners.

Our films are not typically ‘British’ – they meld intricate plot lines with dialogue laced with sophistication and humour. This, we believe, opens up many international markets worldwide, and exciting times ahead!

For more details, see:

Our Films

The Business

No-Budget thrillers and ‘Street Shooting’

James Smith on alternative and ambitious ways to produce features films with no budget!

Obtaining finance for feature films is often a prolonged and fickle process: in Hollywood, trying to attach named talent to give the financiers and producers a warm feeling; in the UK, perhaps trying to tick numerous boxes to placate the gatekeepers of subsided schemes. Neither route is easy, nor guaranteed to deliver saleable films, such is the subjective nature of this business.

Screengrab from Agent Kelly, a no-budget film written, produced, and starring Caroline Spence. The challenging shoot involved 30-40 degree heat, a plague of mosquitoes, and improvised run-and-gun techniques in Spanish cities.

There is, however, another radical approach: shoot with no-budget, out in the street, in private residential properties, with help of friends, family, local businesses, students, and others enthusiastic or daft enough to believe in you. This approach is not for the fainthearted as I can attest: I have shot three no-budget films in as many years and am lining up a fourth. The first was a tough learning experience and is shelved to be re-shot, the second and third pushed me to mental and physical limits that, even now when I reflect, make my eyes water. Despite this, two films are now in post-production and due for release in 2018.

Let’s be clear about ‘no-budget’: this is ZERO. Not £500,000 (the approx. budget of Gareth Edwards‘ excellent Monsters) or $100,000 (the approx. budget of Sean Baker‘s fantastic comedy, crime drama Tangerine shot on an iPhone), but ZILCH.

So why do this? Well, this strategy may not be so daft, since the discipline allows complete creative freedom, thus hopefully fostering original ideas and innovative ways to make films. Furthermore, the intention is to use our no-budget projects as a showcase for our work at Raya Films and a stepping stone for our slate of ‘funded’ films, which will require full production budgets. Oh, and if by chance our no-budget films go on to earn revenue, then all involved will be reimbursed as well as receiving the valuable experience and IMDb credits already attained.

Many cast and crew members (including make-up artist & runner, Rachel Goodger, pictured here) received valuable experience on no-budget film ‘Do Something, Jake’

I am lucky enough to be partnered in these endeavours with Caroline Spence who not only writes all of the material for Raya Films (she has a large portfolio of original screenplays to her name) but also produces, acts, script supervises, and often boom operates when the sound department needs a rest!

Our films Do Something, Jake and Agent Kelly have been massive undertakings with only the support and enthusiasm of the aforementioned people, and yet they are filmed with an extensive cast and crew in locations spanning Leicestershire, London, and even Andalucía in southern Spain. How we (the cast, crew, everyone involved) did this with all of the barriers and obstacles faced, I still struggle to comprehend, but somehow I feel that the story of what we all have collectively achieved will unfold, and potentially set a new pattern for innovation in British film-making.

Last day of the shoot on no-budget film ‘Do Something, Jake’ Photo: David Ward

James Smith

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Films in Post-Production and Development

Two of our no-budget feature films produced with real locations, and ‘street shooting’ techniques are now in post-production. Do Something, Jake, a drama-thriller shot in Leicestershire, is an offbeat tale of a social misfit who becomes embroiled with undesirable mafia-style criminals, whilst Agent Kelly is a female-driven smouldering thriller set in London and Spain.

Update: Thriller Surveilled is now in pre-production. This will be the last of a trio of three innovative no-budget feature films produced by Raya Films.

Agent Kelly – Copyright © 2017 Raya Films

While these innovative UK productions near release, we are seeking finance for our larger scale projects detailed on the Raya Films Slate

Cannes Report 2017

Once again, Cannes proved itself to be a great opportunity for us to catch up with the latest action in the film business and also to make new contacts. Indeed, we are now forging strong co-production relationships to push our international slate forward.

Sales agents, financiers, distributors – if you wish to meet Raya Films at future markets and events, please contact us to book an appointment.


Filming with Chris Sanders

This week, we had the pleasure to work with British actor, Chris Sanders, on action and dialogue scenes for a feature film thriller [name to be announced]. An exciting addition to our slate, the scenes required dynamic filming techniques and a fair degree of improvisation from the small team of actors.

Photo © James Smith

Chris comes from a PR and writing background and is also working on a short film of his own soon to be released.

The Team @RayaFilms

Filming with Eddie Gállego

This week, we had the pleasure to work with Madrid-based Spanish actor, Eddie Gállego, on action scenes for a feature film thriller [name to be announced]. An exciting addition to our slate, the scenes required dynamic filming techniques and a fair degree of improvisation from the small team of actors.

Photo © James Smith

Eddie comes from a theatre background and brought fine movement and pace to the scenes. He is planning to further his acting studies in London next year, and we certainly hope to work with this upcoming talent again in the near future.

The Team @RayaFilms

Raya Films’ 2017 Feature Films

A busy start to the year has seen great progress being made with a number of our feature film projects.

Set in London and Andalucía, The Finca, has undergone a rewrite to increase the budget scale and transform the genre to suspense-thriller. World-class named actors and crew are now interested or attached. Filming dates to be announced.

Málaga Film Festival | Photo © James Smith

Another thriller, Escape the Confines, is also being cast for named talent in key roles. This fast-paced genre film has a sophisticated plot, a fair degree of physicality, and complex characters – presenting challenging and tantalising roles for actors.

Do Something, Jake is set for release this summer with a première and follow-up screenings. Do not miss an opportunity to be involved in this outrageous and unique no-budget feature film project. How on earth did anyone shoot a film with multiple locations, large international cast, on no budget in just three weeks? Well, we did, and it’s out this year! To find out more, please subscribe for updates and join the social media buzz on the Official Website

Cannes 2017

We are attending Festival de Cannes 2017. If you are an established sales agent/distributor or producer and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the above films, or those on our Slate, please Contact Us


We’re shooting a feature film in April … More news in June 2017!

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Screener for ‘Do Something, Jake’ complete

A year ago, on a cold, misty morning in an English village, a group of film actors and enthusiasts came together to begin production on ‘Do Something, Jake’, an innovative ‘no budget’ feature film. Unlike most low or no-budget projects, this film was extremely challenging and ambitious, with multiple locations, a large cast, and complex story line.

Design © 2016 Sean Strong

Design © 2016 Sean Strong

Fortunately, many local businesses, individuals, and organisations within the locality of Loughborough, Quorn, Coalville, and Leicestershire embraced the project wholeheartedly and made the intense three-week shoot possible.


As with many film projects, the post-production phase has presented (and continues to present) even bigger challenges, however, a core team of people located across the U.K. has offered their time to persevere on this unique project. Now we have a solid trailer and full screener to present to the world.

Let’s see how far ‘Do Something, Jake’ can go!

This film is now seeking sales representation and distribution, please click here for more details.

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