Surveilled – Crowdfunding 2019

Raya Films are excited to announce that we have now launched a crowdfunding campaign for our next production on Indiegogo!

Surveilled is a creepy horror movie that is scheduled for production later in the year. If you saw what we did with our debut movie, Do Something, Jake – RED CARPET premieres, CELEBRITY gossip, Best Feature AWARD, worldwide DISTRIBUTION – you’ll love what we have planned for Surveilled!

There are many opportunities for you to become part of the Surveilled gang and to support indie film. So check out the Indiegogo Campaign Page and let’s go make a movie!


Raya Films at the Festivals

Join us for business networking and screenings of our films and documentaries at the following events in May and June!

Festival de Cannes 2019

We will be at Festival de Cannes from 14 – 22 May 2019 to promote our completed films and discuss forthcoming projects. If you are interested in discussing business with Raya Films, do please contact us to book a meeting.

Southend Film Festival
Our award-winning feature film Do Something, Jake is part of the Official Selection at Southend, which is one of the biggest festivals in the east of England.

Do Something, Jake
Sat 25 May 2019, 3:30PM Park Inn Ballroom → Get Tickets

New Forest Film Festival
There is a big media buzz surrounding the New Forest Film Festival this year and we have two screenings at the event with live Q&As:

Gentleman of the Night (2006) Historical Documentary + Live Q&A
All those years ago, we started out making documentaries, and this one just won’t die! Come along and find out how we started from nothing and ended up with silverware and multiple theatrical screenings!
Mon 10 Jun 2019 2:30PM The Lymington Centre, Hampshire → Get Tickets

Do Something, Jake + Live Q&A
A feature film on zero-budget? How is that possible? Is it any good? Come along and find out how we audaciously shot this film out in the streets with no money and then went on to screen it theatrically and win an award!
Mon 10 Jun 2019 7:15PM The Lymington Centre, Hampshire → Get Tickets

Raya Films in 2019

We have a number of exciting productions and events happening this year [updated 22 April 2019]:

  • Do Something, Jake has been a clear success following the World and London Premieres, and the Mountsorrel screening. The film has now been accepted as part of the Official Selection at the Southend Film Festival (25 May 2019) and New Forest Film Festival (10 June 2019). For tickets, click here! The demand and enthusiasm for this crazy ‘indie film’ has even taken us by surprise and the film won ‘Best Feature’ at the Midlands Movies Awards 2019.
  • Before moving into feature film, we started off making documentaries, including Gentlemen of the Night, an historical film about 18th century smuggling. The documentary was shot back in 2006, and is being screening theatrically at the New Forest Film Festival (10 June 2019). For tickets, click here
  • Agent Kelly is an experimental female-led thriller, which has captured the imagination of many people on the basis of its production images and ridiculously-short trailer alone! It’s a bold idea, which is leading on to bigger things. We’re planning a screening in London, so do subscribe at the Official Website for news – come along to see what you think of this unique concept!
  • We’ve just wrapped a thriller called Cyberlante, a powerful story with a cyber-twist! Dynamic and fast-paced, this fascinating concept uses real locations and the latest lightweight camera technology. The film is now in post-production and we’re looking for sales and distribution later in the year.
  • Surveilled is in pre-production to shoot in June 2019. Keep checking by for details of this creepy thriller!
  • In the winter, we’re planning to shoot a drama-thriller, which has clear awards potential. There’s a way to go with the screenplay, but it will feature some great acting talent and will have an action element. Locations are to be decided, but North Wales and/or Leicstershire are on the list of possibilities!
  • The Finca, Guilty in Andalucía, VoIP, and Escape the Confines – these are just some of the other films that we have written, own full rights to, and fully intend to produce in the near future.
  • Finally, see you at Cannes 2019 and the American Film Market where we will be promoting all of the above.

Finally, if you are interested in the business side of things or can perhaps help in other ways (we’re always looking for good filming locations and properties), please click here

Loughborough Locations Required for Feature Film

Raya Films are shooting an ultra-low budget feature film (drama-thriller) in the Loughborough (UK) area in February 2019. We need locations to make this project possible. Unlike big film shoots, we can’t offer big pay cheques for property/land owners, but this is an exciting opportunity to really be involved with a full-length feature film with all of the premiere invites, film shoot action, and potential for promotion for your business/properties as we launch the film worldwide.

Rachel Goodger on the set of our previous Loughborough feature film ‘Do Something, Jake’

Outline: The story involves a person who lives in a house/cottage with an upstairs, small garden front and back, and possibly a shed. A rural area would be nice. Next door to this house is a farm-like property or at least a building and forecourts that might resemble a spacious area where some bad guys hang out!

Duration of shoot: 10 days.
Location: Loughborough or nearby surrounding villages.

Property 1
A cottage or house with reasonably spacious interior that is not too cluttered with personal effects (or at least they can be removed/stored easily).

Property 2
A farm or property with fairly large grounds. Doesn’t necessarily need to be a house, but barns, old buildings or areas where criminals might hang out to do their deeds.

The film involves a fair amount of action, foot chases, etc. So, we need some areas that we can film that are reasonably private and where we would have permission/access to film from the owner/s.

In the story, the above properties and land are interconnected, in the same vicinity, but this does not need to be the case in reality. For example, we can use clever cutting, etc. to ‘pretend’ that Property 1 is next door to Property 2, even if they’re four miles apart!



London Premiere Attracts Celebrities

Another fantastic night for our indie feature film Do Something, Jake!

The event in London area created a stir with many celebrities and film enthusiasts turning out to attend the exclusive screening. This sets a great platform for the New York/North American Premier and other screenings.

Mia Mills, Jamie Alderson, arrivals for the Do Something Jake Uk Premiere, The Couthouse Hotel London. 15.11.18PHOTOGRAPH BY Terry Scott / Barcroft Images (Photo credit should read Terry Scott / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Full details and photos/media on the Official Website

World Premiere a BIG success!

After a frantic week at Raya Films, just enough time to say that the World Premiere of Do Something, Jake was a massive success. A packed audience at the Loughborough Odeon were gripped from the start and responded with cheers and applause as the credits rolled.


“A fabulous film and a truly inspiring project.” — Leon Spence

It was quite an event, and we’d like to thank everyone for their support. This now sets up a nice platform for the London Premiere and then New York!

LATEST: London Premiere is on 15th November 2018 – All details on the Official Website


Six months of Action!

With two feature films nearing completion, we have been liaising with our post-production partners in the UK, Portugal, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Both films – Do Something, Jake and Agent Kelly – are very different in style and story-line, but they do have one thing in common: they were both shot on zero-budget. Our plans for distribution of these films are also very different and are being planned specifically to match the characteristics of each project.

For Do Something, Jake we are holding a big glitzy World Premiere pencilled for September, 2018 at the Odeon cinema in Loughborough (UK) where the film was shot. To achieve this, we kicked off a crowdfunding campaign back in April to raise the necessary funds. What an experience that was! We got off to an excellent start by achieving 50% on day two! We then went on to surpass our target with well over a week left on our campaign. The social media push and effort required was huge, but right up to the end of the campaign, individuals and companies continued to donate. To all our crowdfunding supporters, we are forever grateful and you will never be forgotten!

Following this campaign, we are thrilled to have three Official Sponsors on board for the World Premiere!

BUTTERFLY LIFE is a “networking app for creatives in Art, Culture, Fashion, Film & TV, Food & Drink and Music connecting users based on location, skills and interests a space to create, collaborate, discover, mentor, showcase, or simply follow, be inspired and have fun!”

THE CEDARS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT is perfectly located as a base for anyone from ‘out of town’ attending the World Premiere in Loughborough and to whom accommodation discounts will be available.

ENGLISH SPIRIT is a craft distillery on a mission to fashion the best tasting spirits in the world (at Raya Films, we personally believe they have succeeded in their mission!) You may even catch a glimpse of their delicious Old Salt Rum subtly placed within certain scenes of the film.

Agent Kelly is a very different movie, shot in the UK and Spain, with one crew (director James Smith taking the role of camera operator, cinematographer, audio technician and director!) This film is very much in the realm of ‘experimental’, but is achieving some interesting attention from around the globe. We have some exciting plans for Agent Kelly, so watch this space!

But two films being released in 2018 isn’t enough for us… No Sir! We will soon be launching another crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a ‘smart-horror’ movie called SURVEILLED Casting is underway and cameras are scheduled to roll in November 2018. We have BIG plans for this film, so if you want to be kept in the loop on this production, contact us to sign up to our dedicated newsletter.

Helping us in the promotion of our movie productions is Kelly Carthens of Mizz Kelly’s PR in New York. Kelly is tirelessly enthusiastic and positive, so do follow her on social media because she’s up to lots of great stuff!

Kelly on Twitter
Kelly on Facebook
Kelly on Instagram

And finally… We have had some fab press recently, including interviews with some of the Do Something, Jake cast on the John and Heidi radio show (USA). Go to the Official Website Press Page to see and hear all the gossip.

There’s so much more to say, but that’s all for now!

Don’t forget to follow Raya Films on our social media sites for up-to-the-minute news on all activities.