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From zero-budget and experimental to full budget thrillers, our feature films have tightly-woven plot lines, intriguing characters, witty dialogue, and tantalising central questions. All films are written by screenwriter-producer Caroline Spence

CYBERLANTE [post-production]
No ordinary vigilante
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Crime Drama Thriller
Who really knows your secrets?
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Do Something, Jake – Artwork © 2019 Sean Strong

An unemployed introvert, unable to read or write, draws on brilliant ingenuity when the woman he secretly loves is threatened.

“Gripping with plenty of humour… absolutely Brilliant!”
Farrah McNutt

AGENT KELLY [post-production]
Experimental Thriller
A female assassin who avenged the killing of a friend now becomes the hunted.
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Agent Kelly – Artwork © 2019 Sean Strong

SURVEILLED [pre-production]
Smart Horror-Thriller
He didn’t call it in

A serial killer is on the loose, a troubled man thinks he can identify him, and his psychiatrist has a personal connection with the case. Three interconnected characters, one deadly interaction.

Surveilled – Artwork © 2019 Sean Strong

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Conspiracy Thriller
She entered a world where escape means death

A woman falls in love with the heir to a prestigious design firm, only to find that his business harbours a dark side.

THE FINCA  [development]
Suspense Thriller
When you lose control who can you trust?

An ambitious but burned out PR executive takes a sabbatical from her high profile job in London’s fashion industry. Rediscovering her inner drive in the steamy heat of Southern Spain, she takes on a powerful and corrupt businessman with disastrous consequences.

“…an enthralling story full of suspense and twists…”

Comedy Thriller
An accountant, a drug dealer and a sexy girl… what could possibly go wrong?

A fast-paced comedy thriller – an exciting drama that explores the hazy boundary between good and bad, innocence and guilt. A simple, last-minute errand turns into a nightmare for naive accountant, Martin Hughes, as he finds himself involved in a deadly pursuit in the heat and dust of southern Spain’s Andalucía.

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