About Us

Formed in 2004, Raya Films specialise in feature film screenwriting, development, production, and directing activities. Our feature film slate encompasses a range of movies predominantly in the thriller genre aimed at an international market.

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“I like [Guilty in Andalucía] a lot… we are very interested in the project”
Moviehouse Entertainment, London

“THE FINCA is an enthralling story full of suspense and twists”
Global Screen, Munich, Germany

“Loved the script [The Finca]. Pacey, sexy with good tension”
Universal Pictures, London

“I really enjoyed the [Contract 34] script… the dialogue is punchy and gripping”
Rod Hall Agency, London

“[Contract 34]… a really punchy thriller”
Bankside Films, London

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Spanish translation: Mantarraya. Also called devilfish, manta ray.