About Us

We are writers, producers, and directors. Our feature film slate encompasses a range of movies predominantly in the thriller genre aimed at an international market.

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“Fantastic to see the reception your film [Do Something, Jake] had on Thursday. My staff don’t get to enjoy working on a night like that very often, they were all thrilled!”
Hanna Joslin, Odeon Cinemas

“Lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of [Do Something, Jake] tonight. What a fabulous film and a truly inspiring project. A huge well done to everyone involved.”
Leon Spence

“I like [Guilty in Andalucía] a lot… we are very interested in the project”
Moviehouse Entertainment, London

“THE FINCA is an enthralling story full of suspense and twists”
Global Screen, Munich, Germany

“Loved the script [The Finca]. Pacey, sexy with good tension”
Universal Pictures, London

Raya Film on IMDb

Spanish translation: Mantarraya. Also called devilfish, manta ray.