UK Screening Venue Required for a Female-Kick-Ass Film Premiere event!

We’re putting the final touches to our experimental feature film, Agent Kelly in preparation for a themed world premiere event.

Female-led Hollywood Blockbuster Atomic Blonde was shot for $30,000,000, but find out what’s possible on $0!

Agent Kelly is a female-led Euro-thriller shot in the dust, dirt and mayhem of Andalucía, and we’re seeking a small-medium sized VENUE suitable for hosting this RED CARPET event, where the DRESS CODE is ‘Female-Kick-Ass’!

Agent Kelly – artwork © Sean Strong

The event will include drinks, a Q&A, and post-screening networking where film fans and filmmakers can discuss ‘women in film’ and guerrilla/micro-budget filmmaking.

In keeping with the zero-budget/experimental nature of Agent Kelly, we can offer a box-office split with the venue taking lots of lovely money over the bar!

Contact us with all suggestions, offers or enquiries!

Official Website

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