Raya Films in 2019

We have a number of exciting productions and events happening this year [updated 22 April 2019]:

  • Do Something, Jake has been a clear success following the World and London Premieres, and the Mountsorrel screening. The film has now been accepted as part of the Official Selection at the Southend Film Festival (25 May 2019) and New Forest Film Festival (10 June 2019). For tickets, click here! The demand and enthusiasm for this crazy ‘indie film’ has even taken us by surprise and the film won ‘Best Feature’ at the Midlands Movies Awards 2019.
  • Before moving into feature film, we started off making documentaries, including Gentlemen of the Night, an historical film about 18th century smuggling. The documentary was shot back in 2006, and is being screening theatrically at the New Forest Film Festival (10 June 2019). For tickets, click here
  • Agent Kelly is an experimental female-led thriller, which has captured the imagination of many people on the basis of its production images and ridiculously-short trailer alone! It’s a bold idea, which is leading on to bigger things. We’re planning a screening in London, so do subscribe at the Official Website for news – come along to see what you think of this unique concept!
  • We’ve just wrapped a thriller called Cyberlante, a powerful story with a cyber-twist! Dynamic and fast-paced, this fascinating concept uses real locations and the latest lightweight camera technology. The film is now in post-production and we’re looking for sales and distribution later in the year.
  • Surveilled is in pre-production to shoot in June 2019. Keep checking by for details of this creepy thriller!
  • In the winter, we’re planning to shoot a drama-thriller, which has clear awards potential. There’s a way to go with the screenplay, but it will feature some great acting talent and will have an action element. Locations are to be decided, but North Wales and/or Leicstershire are on the list of possibilities!
  • The Finca, Guilty in Andalucía, VoIP, and Escape the Confines – these are just some of the other films that we have written, own full rights to, and fully intend to produce in the near future.
  • Finally, see you at Cannes 2019 and the American Film Market where we will be promoting all of the above.

Finally, if you are interested in the business side of things or can perhaps help in other ways (we’re always looking for good filming locations and properties), please click here

2 thoughts on “Raya Films in 2019

  1. Onwards and three more steps on the ladder of success and a Great Talent in the making Producing Original ideas what the over heated Film Industry needs ! Is the making of the British Tarrantino !!!
    Really class filming , production and directing put together on a small Budget !
    If you love Film you need to step out of the same old commercial and go and watch something you will Enjoy and come away thinking that was a Film !!!
    Kevin Ernest Michael clark

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