Loughborough Locations Required for Feature Film

Raya Films are shooting an ultra-low budget feature film (drama-thriller) in the Loughborough (UK) area in February 2019. We need locations to make this project possible. Unlike big film shoots, we can’t offer big pay cheques for property/land owners, but this is an exciting opportunity to really be involved with a full-length feature film with all of the premiere invites, film shoot action, and potential for promotion for your business/properties as we launch the film worldwide.

Rachel Goodger on the set of our previous Loughborough feature film ‘Do Something, Jake’

Outline: The story involves a person who lives in a house/cottage with an upstairs, small garden front and back, and possibly a shed. A rural area would be nice. Next door to this house is a farm-like property or at least a building and forecourts that might resemble a spacious area where some bad guys hang out!

Duration of shoot: 10 days.
Location: Loughborough or nearby surrounding villages.

Property 1
A cottage or house with reasonably spacious interior that is not too cluttered with personal effects (or at least they can be removed/stored easily).

Property 2
A farm or property with fairly large grounds. Doesn’t necessarily need to be a house, but barns, old buildings or areas where criminals might hang out to do their deeds.

The film involves a fair amount of action, foot chases, etc. So, we need some areas that we can film that are reasonably private and where we would have permission/access to film from the owner/s.

In the story, the above properties and land are interconnected, in the same vicinity, but this does not need to be the case in reality. For example, we can use clever cutting, etc. to ‘pretend’ that Property 1 is next door to Property 2, even if they’re four miles apart!




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