British Films with a Difference

Over the last three years, we have been working on writing and producing a number of truly independent feature films: Do Something, Jake, Agent Kelly, and Surveilled. These are designed as a ‘showcase’ for our other projects (the screenplays are written) for which we require, and are currently seeking, full production budgets. Despite the no-low budget nature of our showcase projects, they have been produced as commercial entities in their own right, since, historically, audiences respond well to fresh, dynamic work. Furthermore, many Hollywood producers pursue filmmakers who have original ideas and the ability to take calculated risks in order to innovate and break new ground.

Do Something, Jake – Design © 2017 Sean Strong

At Raya Films, we will aggressively market these films over the coming months and years to seek new audiences for our work, and new international business partners.

Our films are not typically ‘British’ – they meld intricate plot lines with dialogue laced with sophistication and humour. This, we believe, opens up many international markets worldwide, and exciting times ahead!

For more details, see:

Our Films

The Business


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