Raya Films’ 2017 Feature Films

A busy start to the year has seen great progress being made with a number of our feature film projects.

Set in London and Andalucía, The Finca, has undergone a rewrite to increase the budget scale and transform the genre to suspense-thriller. World-class named actors and crew are now interested or attached. Filming dates to be announced.

Málaga Film Festival | Photo © James Smith

Another thriller, Escape the Confines, is also being cast for named talent in key roles. This fast-paced genre film has a sophisticated plot, a fair degree of physicality, and complex characters – presenting challenging and tantalising roles for actors.

Do Something, Jake is set for release this summer with a première and follow-up screenings. Do not miss an opportunity to be involved in this outrageous and unique no-budget feature film project. How on earth did anyone shoot a film with multiple locations, large international cast, on no budget in just three weeks? Well, we did, and it’s out this year! To find out more, please subscribe for updates and join the social media buzz on the Official Website

Cannes 2017

We are attending Festival de Cannes 2017. If you are an established sales agent/distributor or producer and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the above films, or those on our Slate, please Contact Us


We’re shooting a feature film in April … More news in June 2017!

Thank you for checking by,
The Team @RayaFilms


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