Screener for ‘Do Something, Jake’ complete

A year ago, on a cold, misty morning in an English village, a group of film actors and enthusiasts came together to begin production on ‘Do Something, Jake’, an innovative ‘no budget’ feature film. Unlike most low or no-budget projects, this film was extremely challenging and ambitious, with multiple locations, a large cast, and complex story line.

Design © 2016 Sean Strong

Design © 2016 Sean Strong

Fortunately, many local businesses, individuals, and organisations within the locality of Loughborough, Quorn, Coalville, and Leicestershire embraced the project wholeheartedly and made the intense three-week shoot possible.


As with many film projects, the post-production phase has presented (and continues to present) even bigger challenges, however, a core team of people located across the U.K. has offered their time to persevere on this unique project. Now we have a solid trailer and full screener to present to the world.

Let’s see how far ‘Do Something, Jake’ can go!

This film is now seeking sales representation and distribution, please click here for more details.

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The Team @RayaFilms


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