Raya Films’ documentary at Barcelona Festival

After battling away for a year, we have results!  Not only is the documentary film complete, it has been selected for the Barcelona IN-EDIT Music Documentary Film Festival Market.  Here is the official PR:


Sales and contact: caroline@rayafilms.com

October 2011


Exclusive Music Documentary Film at the In-Edit Beefeater Festival, Barcelona

“…that is amazing! Your playing is never boring, it is a great accompaniment to your singing, you are not a licks-player, you really mean what you play…”

So says Carlos Juan of Carlos Amplification, Stuttgart, regarding the MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! and music of James Ryan.

Carlos should know – a talented jazz guitarist himself and supplier of equipment to Eric Clapton, David Knopfler, the late Gary Moore and many more guitar legends, he is one of many who have previewed James’ fascinating film and the unprecedented album that accompanies it.

Now, Raya Films, producers of MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! are proud to announce that their documentary film, has been selected for inclusion in the 2nd edition of the In-Edit Beefeater International Music Documentary Film Festival and Market.

This unique documentary will be included in the official Market, which will take place from 3rd – 6th November 2011.  THE MARKET is a fully digitalised library, filled with music-related documentaries, including all documentaries in the official IN-EDIT programme as well as those specially selected from this year’s best documentary submissions.

The aim of the market is to match documentaries with buyers, programmers, distributors and commissioning editors from all over the world.

The festival includes a selection of diverse music documentaries featuring artists ranging from David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, to Dave Brubek and Bob Dylan.

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Andalucía and England’s New Forest, MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! treats the viewer to a raw and sometimes anguished glimpse into the world of song writing by following singer/song-writer James Ryan as he revisits his musical ambitions 14 years after he attempted to break into the music industry with his first album ‘Ghost of the Wind’.

In recession-torn Britain, James throws everything into his love of film and music.  With virtually zero budget and a small group of enthusiasts, he launches a project to bring his own music to the fore by way of a documentary feature.

In an unexpected twist and a bold and determined move, James leaves the shores of Britain to base himself on a 33ft sailing yacht moored on the Spanish coast.  Here he seeks to “find inspiration” and record an acoustic album using compact recording equipment and a 40 year old Kay acoustic guitar loaned to him by his brother-in-law, recently fitted with high-end Carlos Juan pickups.  And he films himself every step of the way…

Features include all original compositions, a focus on the music of legendary guitarist, Django Reinhardt, and a valuable insight into the complexities of songwriting.

Filming locations:

§     London (The City, Westminster, Covent Garden, Tower Hamlets)

§     Essex (Canvey Island and Leigh-on-Sea)

§     Hampshire (Ringwood and The New Forest)

§     Andalucía (Almería, El Ejido)

§     France (Paris)

“Anyone who’s ever dreamed of achieving guitar notoriety should watch this film.  Indeed, anyone who aspires to do anything with their talents should tune in.  He’s not rich, he’s not famous, that’s what makes the film so refreshing… so different.”  Caroline Spence, Producer

The album ‘Cocktail of Blues’ and soundtrack to MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! is available online now and is a collection of thirteen songs echoing a gritty, bluesy Americana style with a hint of the Caribbean.  Echoing projects such as ‘Veneer’ by José González, the album is purely acoustic with guitar and vocals recorded in one take, multi-tracked with solos over, and professionally mastered  by ThatzDatHeat Productions of Trinidad and Tobago.

Fans are encouraged to visit the Official James Ryan Project website which provides samples of the music and clips from the film.  You can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases.

Fans can also check out the social networking sites on Facebook, YouTube MySpace, and even follow James on Twitter.


§   Clips from MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! can be seen on www.jamesryan.com

§   Sample tracks from ‘Cocktail of Blues’ can be heard on www.jamesryan.com

§   Pictures are available to support this story

For further information contact:

§   For film sales and music management contact caroline@rayafilms.com

§   Visit the Raya Films website at www.rayafilms.com

§   The James Ryan Project at music@jamesryan.com

§   Visit the Official James Ryan Project website at http://www.jamesryan.com

§   Follow James on Twitter twitter.com/jrpmusic

§   Imdb Link:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2035569/

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